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Valentine's (R&B) Radio - バレンタインに愛の歌




・ライアン・レズリー(Ryan Leslie)「Valentine」(from 『Ryan Leslie』(2009))

”And I knew right from the very start that the only place I belong is next to you”


・ヴァレンタイン・ブラザーズ(The Valentine Brothers)「Taste Of Your Love」

 (from Various Artists' 『Luxury Soul 2013』(2013))



 ・J・ヴァレンタイン(J. Valentine)「4 U」( from 『4 U』(single 2011)

”Get your body over here, while I whisper this in your ear. This is for you baby"


・シャカ(チャカ)・カーン(Chaka Khan)「My Funny Valentine」

 (from Soundtrack『Waiting To Exhale』( 1995))

”Don't you change your hair for me. Not if you care for me.

 Stay, stay little Valentine, stay” 


・キース・スウェット(Keith Sweat) feat. ココ(Coko from SWV)「My Valentine」

 (from Keith's 『'Til The Morning』(2011))

”Be my valentine, talking about being my wife. I need you in my life forever”

”Yes, I'll be your valentine. I'll be glad to be your wife.

 'Cause I need you in my life forever”


インディア・アリー(India.Arie) feat. ミュージック・ソウルチャイルド(Musiq Soulchild)「Chocolate High」

 (from India.'s 『Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics』(2009))

”Your flavor is to me the sweetest thing in life. And I don't ever wanna come down.

 I'm addicted to your chocolate high"